Diary Of Anne Frank Comparison Essay

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The Diary of Anne Frank has a play version that illustrates the life of young teenage girl hiding out in an annex during the Holocaust. Throughout the play, Anne struggles with her growing body and relationships between her and seven other people in the crammed annex. While the play version still exists today with many classes and random people enjoying it and viewing the play, a new motion picture has came along to show us these struggles of The Diary of Anne Frank. During the movie, watchers will examine the struggles of what this young girl has to go through to survive in vivid details. Although the play and the movie version provide differences on setting and actions to describe Anne’s life in the secret attic during the Holocaust, both versions demonstrate how curious Anne becomes on her changing and maturing body as the years go on. The settings in the play and the motion picture are thoroughly different in the opening. In the play, the stage…show more content…
Anne is very curious in both the play and the movie about her maturing body. In both, she becomes very angry with her mom and has certain mood swings with forgiving her mom or being upset with her. Not only does she have mood swings, she is very excited to grow up and change in many ways, inside and outside. This is the main reason for her falling in love with a boy who has been living with her for a long time, Peter. This is significant because it adds romance and anger to the story, which generates a lot of suspense and it interests people. Overall, I believe that the play is a more effective version of The Diary of Anne Frank. The play provides way more specific details which grants you the privilege to imagine and picture the feelings and actions the characters go through in the secret annex. Although the movie provides a motion picture, the play is the finest way to demonstrate the secret life in the annex, of The Diary of Anne

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