Diaspora Sara Suleri Short Story Analysis

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The writer Diaspora Sara Suleri, originally from Pakistan, has depicted her memories of home in her memoir Meatless Days. Her voracious readings and her academic backgrounds all set in to her choosing the profession of a Professor and the intellectual journalist father Zia Ahmed Suleri and Welsh mother Mair Jones who is a teacher has also created an impact in the life of Sara. Her strong vocabulary and her flair for description have made the memoir rich. The highlight of the novel is the concept of Diaspora within Diaspora i.e. through the Diasporic memories, Sara Suleri voices the Diasporic experiences of her mother. Also she shares her own experiences as an expatriate. In this work Sara Suleri deals with multiple concepts like Post colonial impacts, gender, religion and law of Pakistani society, here the focus is given to the Diasporic experiences of Sara’s mother and how Sara portrays the experiences through her memories.
Diaspora the term has its origin centuries back when there was a dispersion of Jews from Judea in 580 BC. Also it refers to the historical movements of the dispersed ethnic population of Israel and their cultural development. The present meaning of Diaspora is a minority living in exile. The common feature of a person in Diaspora, who is de rooted from the homeland and is re rooted to the host land, is that he/she remembers their past. If there is no traumatic past, they long to go back to their homeland. Sara Suleri’s paternal roots are in Lahore and

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