Diathesis-Stress Model In Psychology

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BIO-PSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL USED IN TREATING PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS Numerous bio-psychosocial factors like biological, psychological and social factors can work in conjunction and manifest a psychological disorder. If an individual had experienced these factors during his early life, he has the risk of evolving a psychological disorder. Stress that occurs in recent life may precipitate the manifestation of the disorder, and those with vulnerability factors have a higher tendency to develop a mental disorder (Razali, 2009). In this section, one specific bio-psychosocial model used in treating any psychological disorder have been chose, known as diathesis-stress model.

DIATHESIS-STRESS MODEL What is the origin of psychological disorders? Psychologists have different opinions on this issue. Some psychologists accepted that psychological problems are fundamentally biological in nature, where they are resulted by various underlying neurological or physical state. Whereas, others considered that abnormality is mainly brought by an individual’s environment. They declared that difficulties in an individual’s life lead to psychological disorders. Nevertheless, many psychologists accepted that psychological disorders are brought by interplay between biology and environment. The diathesis-stress model of abnormality tries to explain how biology and environment work together on people’s minds (Boyd, n.d.). Wikipedia (2015) explained the following: “The
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