Dick And Mac Kroc Case Study

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MANAGEMENT Management is the process of getting things done and achieving the objectives/aims of the business by effectively using its resources. Quality Control Management is responsible for many duties including quality control of products. This can be seen in the scene where the two McDonald’s brothers (Dick and Mac) are discussing the quality of their fries. They are hands-on and checking that their products are 100% the way they should be. In my opinion, quality control is extremely important as the business is only as good as its product. Planning Planning is a vitally important function of management as it means that clear objectives are to be set. Dick and Mac McDonald show brilliant planning skills as before they even think…show more content…
When Ray Kroc notices Fred Turner is doing his job well – cooking beef patties perfectly – he makes a point of praising him and earmarking him for promotion at a later stage. Conflict Management Poor management skills are evident when we see Mac and Dick discussing the business in front of their staff whilst in the McDonald’s kitchen, after they have had a heated telephonic conversation with Kroc. This is unprofessional and all decisions regarding the business should be discussed in private meetings, away from all staff members. LEADERSHIP Leadership is a process where people are influenced so that they perform varied tasks effectively. It is imperative to have a strong leader who will inspire and motivate employees to achieve a common goal. I believe most leaders are born that way but leadership skills can be…show more content…
I say this because once he gained control of the business he displayed an authoritarian leadership style as once he was at the top of the organization he made all the decisions and was not interested in what Dick and Mac had to say. It was Ray Kroc’s way or no way. He wanted McDonald’s all to himself. This is evident when he bought out the brothers and thought that it would include the original McDonald’s restaurant in San Bernadino. He takes advantage of the fact that Dick and Mac are no longer allowed to use their own name. After they have renamed it “The Big M”, Kroc opened up a new McDonald’s down the road putting “The Big M” out of business. Whatever type of leader we may like to refer to Ray Kroc as he was, nevertheless, a leader. Ray Kroc could see past the small restaurant that the McDonald brothers owned and had a vision that it could become huge because of the new franchise idea. Whatever he did, even when he was a salesman selling milkshake mixers, he remained optimistic and after being turned down several times he continued to keep on trying to sell them. Commitment to

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