Dick Gregory Shame Analysis

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Shame is a good thing that everyone growing up should learn because when a person is shamed they can learn from it and become more sophisticated and even gain success in it. Dick Gregory is a well-known Comedian and social activist Dick Gregory writes in the chapter “shame” from his autobiography, “I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to the school for that.”(Gregory 164). He was raised amongst poverty in his young age and wasn’t aware or paid any noticed or cared about being ashamed till that day he went to school. But he arose out of this and earned any money he could and became famous and known while doing. Many famous people that have wealth, fame, and can live life the way they want came from shame. Two people that are…show more content…
An example of this out of his life is he was always alone or the silent kid in the back growing up in poverty with a brother that was a bad example in the court system and a mom that was always busy. Grew out of his childhood and is attending college to go to school for a criminal justice degree, so his lifestyle is different from his brothers and his mother’s. So yes, anyone can obtain success, but most of the time, the ones that are remembered are born from poverty or a shamed moment. And turn it into some form of art to let the world know their feelings. So if you’re one of the shamed people in the world turn it into something like art, music, or a play to let it out and you could change many life’s or just one or two but your shame came become successful and they will honor you by understanding what you told them. If you’re not shamed don’t worry everyone has a moment, waiting even the best of man have their downfalls even pride has its shame but it makes people

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