Dick Prosser In The Child By Tiger

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In the Story, “The Child by Tiger,” Dick Prosser is the main character and focus of the story. Throughout the story much is learned about him and his actions that leads the readers to question him with great scrutiny. At the beginning of the story, Dick was made out to be a very positive character with very good traits. His plausibility as a character was great, but then it started to dwindle as more was learned about him. As the story progress, readers learn things about Dick that start to contradict his credibility, despite his buildup of being such a good character in the beginning of the story. Accordingly, one of the biggest contradictions about Dick is how he reacts after the car crash scene. The red eyes are what made most readers foreshadow about what kind of character Dick really was. No normal human being would have their eyes do that and not become enraged. This was the first clue that he was not normal in…show more content…
He tried to play the part just so he could get a job, but when his character is really broken down, it is easy to see what kind of a person he really is. The people were not sure that he was in Military, or anything else about him. The only evidence that lent to his story of coming from the military was how he went about his killing spree. He had a very militaristic way of doing things, but it was still never proved he came from the military. He simply was an out of place person in the wrong community for him. Dick Prosser went crazy because of his constant hatred of being not equal to his counterparts around him. He was very obedient at the beginning of the story, but as the story progresses he begins to slowly break down until he goes crazy. The scene where the children find the gun shows that Dick has premeditated thoughts about taking the action he does. The readers of the story will never really know why he went crazy, but the best explanation is that buildup of negative emotion in
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