Diclofenac Sodium Lab Report

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 100 mg Drug was weighed as per the recommended dose of Diclofenac Sodium.  Accurately weighed of amount non- pareil seeds were dried to remove moisture at 35oC.  These non pareil seeds has been transfer to a coating pan, which has a bed temperature of 350 C.  Isopropyl alcohol : water (70:30) with 5% PVP K-30 was sprayed with the help of spray gun till the bed become wet. Immediately drug powder mixed with the talc was applied to the wet bed of the pellets. Mixing was done with a great care to get good optimum loading. After drug loading, the pellets was dried in a Hot air oven for 30 minutes. 5.5.4. Formulation of coated pellets:  Drug loaded Pellets were prepared by Pectin- Ethylcellulose coating solution.  This solution of plasticized Pectin- Ethylcellulose were prepared separately and mixed to each other 24 hours prior coating. …show more content… Preparation of Binder solutions: 5 gm of PVP K-30 in 70:30 Isopropyl alcohol and water is taken and solubilized with a magnetic stirrer and the volume was made upto 100 ml with isopropyl alcohol and water solution. Preparation of Coating Solutions: A) Pectin Solution:  In a 250 ml beaker take 100 ml solution of Isopropyl alcohol : acetone (60 : 40).  Beaker is then placed on a Remi magnetic stirrer and was kept stirring with a magnetic bead.  While stirring it was plasticized with PEG 400 ( 12% w/w).  After few minutes, Pectin was poured in it and kept stirring for 30 minutes. B) Ethyl cellulose solution:  In a beaker of 250 ml and 100 ml of ethanol was taken in it.  Beaker is placed on a Remi magnetic stirrer and the ethanol was kept stirring in it.  While stirring the solution was plasticized with TEC (10%

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