Animal Farm Dystopia Analysis

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Imagine all rights being stripped away and being ruled by a cruel leader, but not knowing it. Imagine many believing the surrounding world is a beautiful utopia, when in reality it is far from this. Utopias and dystopias both can seem like ideal societies from the outside, but a dystopia achieves the utopian idea of perfection by oppressive totalitarian control. In the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, a utopian society was initially sought, but was proved to be unattainable and dictatorial control was enacted. The illusion of perfection combined with the close watch of the citizens, causing fear of the outside world, expresses the dystopian characteristics found on Animal Farm. To the citizens, Animal Farm was a secure haven for…show more content…
Mr. Whymper, a human business partner with Napoleon, often came to the farm for commerce. Orwell depicts, “The animals watched his coming and going with a kind of dread, and avoided him as much as possible” (Orwell 65). Even though there was limited interaction with Mr. Whymper, his presence caused distress among the animals. The pigs stressed the belief that all humans were brutal, ruthless masters. When the pigs suddenly declared that humans were not a threat, the feeling of loathing never left the animals. Even when the hardest and most loyal worker needed desperate medical attention, the thought of human doctors troubled his animal comrades. When reporting to the animals, Napoleon made it clear that he, “... was already making arrangements to send Boxer to be treated in the hospital at Willingdon. The animals felt a little uneasy at this” (Orwell 120). Since the animals had a strong distrust of all humans, the act of sending a loyal friend to be medically treated by them was against all logical thinking. Even if it could have been the best option, they did not want to take a chance with the outside world. The outside world terrified the animals to the point where any association with it was unbearable. The illusion of a perfect world caused the citizens of the farm to fear an unfamiliar world and oppressive rulers who monitored all affairs on the farm, destroy the society in Animal Farm. Animal Farm is an allegory for the Russian Revolution, harshly criticizing the strong dystopian features present in the novel. These exaggerated traits emphasize the disapproval Orwell has for dystopias. Because of this disapproval, it is evident Orwell believes devastation of communities comes without freedoms of the people, open minds, and honest
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