The Somoza Family Analysis

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To what extent was the dictatorship by the Somoza family beneficial to the social development of Nicaragua? The Somoza family ruled Nicaragua for a 43 year period, from 1936-1979. Social development refers to changes brought about to a society that will uplift its people and the society as a whole will sense better opportunities for progress. Governments place policies and programs to achieve certain results in the development of a country. Education, healthcare, poverty are vital factors that affect the societies and the development of a country. Social development was poor in Nicaragua during the Somoza family and therefore the society ceased not to progress. The Nicaraguan geographical positioning…show more content…
The dynasty was overthrown in 1979 through a bloody revolution. The Somoza family’s corrupt and oppressive regime did not benefit the sociality of Nicaragua as they neglected the basic needs such as education and healthcare essential to better the people of the country and therefore develop the people of the country. The Somoza family emplaced social welfare policies that aimed to uplift the countries social structures but those policies were not viable as funds allocated for such projects where misused by the Somoza family and officials who had relations with the Somoza regime .From the beginning of the regime the Somoza family allied Nicaragua with the United States and thus Nicaragua received desperately needed funds, these funds elevated the economy of the country and therefore raw materials such as Gold, timber and cotton where exported from the country. The rapidly…show more content…
Education is a vital aspect in social development and he Somoza family regime failed to provide adequate education for the people of Nicaragua therefore proving that the regime was not beneficial to the social development of Nicaragua. A social welfare system that catered for all workers healthcare needs was put in by the Somoza family in 1956, but because hospitals, clinics and most of the healthcare facilities where in the cities and the majority of the population lived in rural areas, health care was not accessible and there therefore many people suffered and died. The Somoza family neglected basic human needs and therefore the society of Nicaragua could not develop, the Nicaragua family dictatorship inhibited the social development of the people. The
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