Dictatorship In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph and Jack compete to have the title of chief, this illustrates Golding's message that in society dictatorship can be more successful than democracy. Characters in this novel resemble people in WWII. Jack is a symbol of dictatorship and Ralph is a symbol of democracy. Though in the beginning of the novel Ralph had control, Jacks dictatorship caused him to take total control. Between the two boys Jack is the more successful leader.
Ralph shows democracy because he is organized and civilized. When Ralph finds a conch shell he says “we can use it to call the others, have a meeting”(16). Whenever the conch is blown the boys know their responsibilities. Ralph is showing his organization because he realizes that he needs to see how many boys are on the island and that they need to talk. Ralph also realizes that the boys need to be civilized like at school. During a meeting when boys kept talking out Ralph said “ we’ll have hands up like at
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Ralph becomes frustrated because they boys don't listen to what he says anymore and he finally says “ hasn't anyone got any sense?”(102). Ralph has lost all control in almost everyone because they follow Jack and ignore what they need to do to stay civilized. While Ralph's power is fading Jacks is growing stronger. Jack takes some boys the the other side of the island. When Ralph comes to talk to Jack he brings the conch and Jack says “the conch doesn't count on this side of the island”(150). Throughout the book the conch has been the symbol of civilization and Jack has just told Ralph the conch is pointless now. Jack has taken all the rules set and broken them because he realizes that everyone is scared of him and he is in power. All Jack has ever wanted was power and he would stop at nothing to keep the power and title as
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