Dictatorship In Texas

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There’s being a debate mainly informed by the fact that there is a agreement that the governor of Texas has less potential compared to the others governors from other states. And the debate is wether the governor of Texas needs more power or not. There is some people who think that the governor needs more power in order to be equal with the other states. Theres has been some people who believe that the governor should stay the way it is because they say that the Governor’s office in Texas is is considered to be extremely weak specially if they compared it with the other states. For example, governor of Texas should have a charismatic ability, the power of media, personality and some persuasion in order to work the government of Texas. The…show more content…
Nevertheless, the governor office is still constitutionally weak, and the approval and successful implementation of gubernatorial budgetary and programmatic policies. Some movement towards increasing gubernatorial powers by legislative action has taken place in recent years. The Texas governor has many important functions to perform and be able to make the government strong so it can make up the office of chief executive for the state. Also, in Texas voters elect several key officers that include the Attorney General, Comptroller of public Accounts, and the Lieutenant Governor. Since these officials may not have a greater degree of loyalty to the governor and might therefore seek to undermine his term of office. There are some roles that the state have some restrictions being as a major. The state bureaucracy is largely controlled by multimember boards and commissions with the results that the state is fragmented. They have been saying that Texas needs it governor to have meaningful budget authority so the budgeting system encourages some control over the government. If Texas has a more powerful governor it could have the legislature’s power could have some decreasing in the state, but by doing this the democracy is better served when the legislature is the more

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