Dictatorship Vs Absolute Monarchy

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By far the most popular solution to the crisis of authority in the era of religious wars was absolute monarchy. What is absolute Monarchy you may ask? Absolute Monarchy is a form of government where it’s ruled by a king and he has an absolute power over everyone and that there is no one higher or equal to him. Even though they are similar, Absolute monarchy is not the same as dictatorship. In a dictatorship it’s ruled by one person and they usual get their power through force the people are forced to follow their orders or they will be killed or hurt. The dictator uses terror to rule and this kind of form of government is looked as an illegitimate form of government where absolute monarchy is ruled by the king and the queen but mostly the king and this form of government is looked at as a legitimate form of government. The king makes the laws. He is the judge and the court. The 16th century was an era that was strongly influenced by religious wars that grown out of the formation of Lutheranism and the never ending conflicts. This gave way to a new idea that gave more …show more content…

France became decentralized state and the nobility with their titles became powerful and the authority of the king became less effective. The powerful noblemen were constantly challenging the authority of the king. This form of government was established in the early 16th century when Louis the XII was in charge because The French kings constantly trying to restore their royal powers from their nobles and this was very important process to make France a centralized state. When Louis the XII’s son took over power. Before his son can take over he had to be old enough to be a king. Until then Louis the XII’s wife Anne took the power and some of the noble man and other people of the country were not happy with this and they rebelled but their rebellion was

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