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In the 17 and the 18th century there were many grammarians who made many books that was considered as a dictionaries. The early modern period was a time of great change for the English language. The number of words doubled between 1500 and 1650 for the English speakers. Many of the words were borrowed into English from the Latin or Greek of the Renaissance or from countries visited by travellers and it seemed hard to understand these new words to many of the population. Although there were many books that were considered as English dictionaries, it was Samuel Johnson dictionary that set the standards for the English language. In the dictionaries construction we will discuss about how Samuel Johnson had a great impact on the English dictionaries…show more content…
In the 18th century English grammar books were being published, which added a greater demand on vocabulary in vernacular. This demand increased as the vernacular lexicon began to stabilize. Dictionaries were still elementary with only a short meaning, synonym or commentary on a ward.it was the grammarians who were still making decisions about language usage. Grammarians had been experiencing within their own ranks for sometime. Many linguistics were afraid that the English would be corrupted, and some expressed the concern that what was being written at that time would would be unrecognizable to future generations. Lexicographers took advantage of the moment and began to set the standards for the language .In the 18th century, there was a switch in the authority from the grammarians to the lexicons. The one person who made a bid for lexicographers authority was Samuel Johnson. He created the role of the dictionary editior. There was a great demand for dictionaries because English was the first language in the country, and the English was taught in the schools. Grammarians at that time got busy with something else. They were busy with the teaching and the teaching methods and there was conflicts between them about the best teaching methods. Grammarians couldn’t meet the demands of the public . That’s why the lexicographers took the role to start writing dictionaries. These dictionaries had everything that the grammarians had in their dictionary. Lexicographers had a stronger base from which to impose correctness on the vernacular. In the 17th century the dictionaries were bilingual and monolingual but they only focused on hard words list, and their definitions. In the 18th century dictionary was

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