Did Andrew Jackson Deserve To Be On The 20 Dollar Bill

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President Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the twenty dollar bill. Money is a major symbol that represents all countries around the world because every country wants to grow economically. Our money speaks on behalf of our country, the presidents on the bills are part of the United States history and the involvement of President Andrew Jackson is not a bright part of our history. Jackson did right in the eyes of our country when he was for the Monroe Doctrine telling other countries to let the U.S. be independent, but then he turns around and doesn’t let the Cherokee natives be independent themselves. The natives didn’t need to be forced off their land, they had the right to live there. Part of the problem was Jackson didn’t think about …show more content…

( A Soldier Recalls the Trail of Tears, 1838-39) " The long painful journey to the west ended March 26th, 1839, with four-thousand silent graves reaching from the foothills of the Smokey Mountains to what is known as Indian territory in the west. And covetousness on the part of the white race was the cause of all that the Cherokees had to suffer." A white soldier tells the journey of the natives as long and painful because of the natives being forced against their will to leave their homes forever killing four thousand natives. President Jackson didn’t contemplate the natives life's because all he wanted was more land for the U.S.. Even though Jackson was saved by a Cherokee native, he would not return the favor. "Chief John Ross sent Junaluska as an envoy to plead with President Jackson for protection for his people, but Jackson's manner was cold and indifferent towards the rugged son of the forest who had saved his life." Junaluska was sent to beseeched President Jacksons to not push forward with the Indian Removal Act. Jackson wasn’t very magnanimity with the natives by pushing them off their ancestral land just so the U.S. can

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