Did Andrew Jackson's Migration Affect The Removal Of Native Americans?

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Imagine being forced to leave your home and travel about 1,200 miles on foot to a new place. You probably wouldn 't want to leave to go on a dangerous journey for no reason. Many Native Americans were forced to give up land east of the Mississippi River and migrate to preset day Oklahoma. Nearly 125,000 Native Americans lived on millions of acres of land in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, And Florida. President Andrew Jackson had over 20,000 Native Americans removed from their homeland. The removals began in 1838 and ended in 1839. The journey, now known as The Trail of Tears, to Oklahoma was dangerous, deadly, and many died along the way. The removals were part of President Andrew Jackson 's Indian removal policy. The removal act was passed by Jackson in 1830 and forced about 20,000 Native Americans out of there home land. There is evidence that the Cherokee 's land was rich in gold. The land was very valuable so relocating the Native Americans would…show more content…
When the Cherokee arrived in Oklahoma they continued to suffer. Many more died from disease, hunger, and exhaustion. The Cherokee immediately began to rebuild their lives and their nation in Oklahoma. They had to adjust to their new home, and with a lot of people gone it was very hard. The Cherokee were successful in rebuilding their nation. The new Cherokee nation still stands today with its capital at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Including the Cherokee who died after their arrival, some people believe as many as 8,000 Cherokee may have died. The Trail of Tears forever changed the Cherokee nation. Many lives were lost and changed. The Trail of Tears in 1839 was a horrific event that removed thousands of Native Americans from there homes. They were forced to travel a thousand miles on foot to a new land. Thousands of lives were lost along and after the journey. The removal effected the Cherokees greatly and it still effects them today. They Trail of Tears was dangerous, deadly, and many didn 't

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