Did George Do The Right Thing By George Kill Lennie?

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Did George do the right thing by killing Lennie? Lennie has a illness that makes him like to touch pretty or soft things, in the book lennie got in trouble two times for touching a woman 's dress and a woman 's hair. When lennie touches a woman 's dress and wouldn’t let go the woman got scared and started screaming when she got away after her dress ripped a whole bunch of guys started going after them but they got away. When Lennie touches Curley 's wife 's hair she told him to stop or he would mess he hair up and she said that a couple of times and when he didn’t stop she started to freak out, and when she tried to scream he covered her mouth because he knew he would get in trouble, but when she stated tosquerm he accidently broke her neck and ended up killing her. George killed lennie out of love because he didn’t want him to suffer. George didn’t want Lennie to suffer a long painful death from being shoot in the guts, or from being locked up in a cage being beaten by Curley and the farmhands. George did the right thing because he didn’t want Lennie to suffer. But George also didn’t do the right thing because he killed his friend and broke his promise to Lennie’s aunt Clara that he would look after him and protect him. It was also kind of a good thing for George to do because if he wouldn’t have killed Lennie, Lennie would have suffered, or Lennie could have hurt someone else. George did the right thing because he was protecting Lennie from a couple of things. For
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