Did George Kill Lennie

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For the most part, we have all had a friend that we are so close with that we now consider family? Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two farmers traveling south of Soledad, California during the Great Depression in hopes of one day having a farm of their own. Steinbeck introduces two protagonist in the first chapter. George, who is a small and thin man cares for Lennie, a huge man with sloping shoulders. Lennie is faced with a sort of mental disability that disables him from being able to decipher right from wrong and typically, he would do the wrong thing. Despite the obstacles the two face together, they continue to push on until Lennie does a terrible thing and George is forced to do something just as worse. I believe George was justified to kill Lennie because it prevented torture for the both of them in the long run and Lennie would never learn to understand when enough is enough and how to cope with the bad in life. If George was found with Lennie, he would also be faced with the repercussions of being affiliated with him.…show more content…
There had been far too many incidents at this point and it just easier to put him out of his misery like Carlson did with Candy’s dog. Both the dog and Lennie had been best friends to someone for a long time, but neither of their caregivers could help them anymore. Curley’s wife claims that she thinks Lennie is “nuts” but Lennie explains that he just “likes to pet nice things with his fingers, sof’ things” (90). Knowing about the red dress incident, all of the mice he has killed, and now the puppy, she tempts him with feeling her hair. He does not know any better than to hold onto it, thus he has not learned from his mistakes. If by some grace of God Lennie had survived this episode, later down the line it would occur again. Lennie would be dealing with a cycle of living hell and George prevents him from
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