Did Hitler Discrimination Against People: Why Do People Kill People?

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Hallways are filled with smiling faces, but some are hiding their true self, and she knows that “crowded hallways are the loneliest places,” at least for her (Hayes). She sidesteps these types of people in high school; the ones looking pleased to see her, but immediately after she’s departed, they retain nothing but vulgar and insulting comments. It can be tough to exclude these people apart from others, especially when they’re exceptional actors. Those acting like this usually think they are better than everyone else, usually don’t have a reason, and usually don’t even know them.
Looking down upon others without cause, they manage to boost the confidence of their insecure selves. She’s found sitting and working with them in class, no conflict involved, and by …show more content…

If this is the case, then why wasn’t it fully acceptable when Hitler was the cause of eleven million deaths (Schwartz)? Hitler discriminated against people because of their hair and eye color, things that one cannot control. Hitler labeled people because of their race. Hitler killed people because he wanted to. Hitler believed people were just completely incompetent.
Having an entire army of Nazi’s behind him and supporting him, he was able to kill a massive amount of people. Comparatively, the “popular” group in high school always backs each other up in everything that they aspire to do, whether it be right or wrong.
Walking around with his head held all high and mighty, as if he was a God, he based his “perfect race” off of his own opinions, just the same as her classmates judge her based on their own false pretenses. The teenagers who think they are all “that” label people as annoying, weird, nerdy, ugly, friends, hated, tolerable, the possibilities are endless. Hitler was more basic in his labels, you either had a Yellow Star of David sewn into your clothes, or you walked around with a

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