Essay On Hitler's Government

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Hitler's Government - A politician's Dream or Nightmare?

Did Hitler’s government help or hinder the rise of Nazi politicians? The politicians that will be analysed are Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels and Reinhard Heydrich. This is namely because these were prominent politicians who were close to Hitler. To define terms, the government “having an impact” on these politicians’ rise to power would mean directly or indirectly pushing either the politicians higher up the political ladder or pushing down competition for these places in the top of the government. For example, the government would stop the promotion of politicians who did not have certain traits that instead these politicians had, that would be having an effect. The
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Many historians look at this issue with hindsight, comparing Hitler’s government to the model of one today. Instead, Hitler’s government should be analysed while keeping in mind that Germany was a totalitarian state. Since the country believes in a one ruler system, the government is very likely to be structured similarly as well. This in turn raises the question, through the system Hitler implemented, how were politicians able to prove themselves worthy of power to Hitler? Did this structure of the government truly hinder the rise of these politicians? Did it help these politicians? Or did it even matter at…show more content…
Joseph Goebbels committed suicide months before the indictment for the charges against the Nazis, Reinhard Heydrich had been assassinated in 1942, 3 years before the trials began. Among the three politicians, only Hermann Goering was charged and even then, he committed suicide before his death sentence. These politicians had it coming for them; they already knew that in trying to please Hitler, they had gone too far. With no chance of surviving, they committed suicide or in the case of Heydrich, was assassinated
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