How Did John F Kennedy Making Decisions During The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Did JFK use his presidential powers to make the correct decision during the Cuban missile crisis? I believe John F. Kennedy used his powers correctly in order to help him make the right decision. He used his powers to make decisions to keep the situation from escalating. He knew when to call off a decision and when to follow through with it. The first force of action Kennedy decided to take on Cuba was the economic blockade. This was put in place because Cuba had just signed a trade agreement with the USSR, and Kennedy knew that the USSR having access to planting their missiles only 90 miles away from US territory could be very dangerous. “Since the 1960s, the United States has imposed an embargo against Cuba...the blockade, consists of economic sanctions against Cuba and restrictions on Cuban travel and commerce for all people and companies under US jurisdiction.” This quote is from this website. This was a very big decision that Kennedy made because Cuba and the U.S traded a lot of goods between the each other, and he knew that he would be cutting off that supply completely. A lot of people did not believe he was making the right decision, but Kennedy knew that if his judgement and thinking was corrupted by other people 's perspective than he wouldn’t be able to truly figure out what was the right …show more content…

Like I said this was his first of many presidential decisions. Every president wants to make a great first impression, but the reality is Kennedy learned from this failed invasion. To add to that, yes this invasion didn’t help America’s image, but history has not been erased. No one has forgotten and will ever forget what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and all of the many other wars we have fought and won. Yes he might of made a mistake, but he learned from it and he didnt let it happen again in his presidential term. He did everything in his power to do what he swore to do when he became

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