Did Jane Austen Believe In Love Or Marriage?

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Jose Gutierrez
Professor Torres
English 2323-107
Did Jane Austen Believe in Love or Marriage?
Hall, Rebekah. “Pride and Prejudice and the Purpose of Marriage.” Pride and Prejudice and the Purpose of Marriage, Forbes and Fifth, University of Pittsburgh, 2016 www.forbes5.pitt.edu/article/pride-prejudice-and-purpose-marriage
This article is written for and about Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice” and gives the explanation which is about how marriage is all about money and status. It is all economical and as long as there is stability and wealth then the partner the women in her stories may end up with may not even be loved by them or even chosen by them. It is also talks about the day and age in which Jane Austen lived in because that is what made it the norm to be with someone for their money and the titles of which they held and as the novel states, marriage is just a “business” and isn’t always glorious or full of enjoyment. However, some characters in her story do break this chain of a fixed mindset and really do go for their love of their life. I would like to say that Jane Austen does in fact write a lot about these situations in her novels which would make it seem like she is just writing these novels because of the experience of the other woman of her time but their always seems to be some kind of real love connection between at least a couple of characters which makes it complicated to tell what Jane Austen really believes in or felt about love.
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