Did Jefferson Give Strength To The Weak Federal Government

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In the early history of United States government, the Federalist ideals were formed to give strength to the weak Federal government. President Jefferson the third president had different idea he wanted to limit the federal government powers. He also established the Jeffersonian Democracy which Schultz (2016) states it as presenting Jefferson ideal view of popular opinion through newspaper editorialist who centered the yeoman farmers at their political ideology which was the infrastructure of the Democratic-Republican views. President Jefferson as well wanted to develop a court system. Federalist at this time had the power and President Jefferson developed a Judicial Review this gave the court the power to declare an act of congress unconstitutional…show more content…
It also introduced the United States political press that reported the Democratic-Republican views. Also, by reducing the size of government it reduced the military under his presidency. The Marbury v. Madison showed that the original act of 1789 was unconstitutional. The expansion for farming lead the expansion west of the United States. Now they had land selling offices in the west that would allow to buy in time making it more affordable for individuals. He realized that the west needed improvement which included roads, canals, and transportation. The overcrowding in the east is what lead the need of expanding farm land to the west. The chances of Jackson in Unites States depended on revolution. The eighteenth century was a time of social and economic changes brought on by Market Revolution (Schultz, 2017). Because of the economic boom Americans felt the government should open to the people. The growing of the west lead to the need of moving the Indians westward of the United States. The revolt of westerners and northeastern elite led to a new political system. The new political culture was strengthening and transforming the
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