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Chemical Evolution Creation and Evolution are rival ideas. Creation states that God is a purposeful creator who initially brought everything into being. Evolution is the theory that life began as random chemicals combined, resulting in the first primitive life. These opposing ideas lead to the question of whether the presence of the complex biochemistry found within living organisms requires an Intelligent Designer. The authors of “Did Life Come from Another World?” discuss, to a good extent, whether life could have originated from another planet, came to earth, and formed. Weiss and Warmflash explained the possible way life could have come from Mars, landed on Earth and formed the basic building blocks of life. This of course, eventually evolved into all that is alive today, so the theory goes. This hypothesis of life coming from an outside planet is called “panspermia,” and gives an explanation of how life came to Earth without a designer, but it still leaves out exactly how life was formed. The authors provided no precise explanation for how these organisms formed, or how the organisms knew what to do once formed. Though there are many points of uncertainty, it is a valid theory for the beginning of life in their eyes.…show more content…
Biblical Creation” he takes a different view as the previous authors, and sides with creationism. He does this in a scientific way, presenting evidence for creation instead of only refuting evolution without firm evidence creation. While making a case for creation, he also emphasized on the prebiotic soup theory, pointing out major faults at the very base of the argument. Rana made solid arguments for creation and against evolution, but also held a balanced view over both by considering evolution as a real possibility, of course, siding with creation when the evidence was studied. Siding for creation, Rana obviously believes that biochemistry could only be present from a creator, namely

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