Did Martin Luther King Jr's Actions Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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“We are here because of our love for democracy, because of our deep-seated belief that democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action, is the greatest form of government on Earth.” These famous words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrated the change in America and how our actions helped the civil rights movement in its success in accomplishing equality amongst all Americans. Racism had always been an ongoing issue ever since anyone could remember. People became numb to the subject and adopted the norms. It was ignored until after WWII. Following WWII, blacks in America became more involved in the widespread issue and begun taking a stand for their constitutional rights. African Americans played a role in the war by putting their lives on the line to fight against racism and for equality of others in the waring countries.…show more content…
It was time to change all of that. After the war, the civil rights movement began gaining more support and popularity as the years went by. With the help of some of the most iconic leaders of the era such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcom X to name a few, black rights began getting more recognition amongst peers and congress as they peacefully protested for their rights. It wasn’t an easy journey but the passion and persistence of the people helped the progression of the
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