Did Run Smooth Themes In Hamlet

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Hamlet Themes Shakespeare once said “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Throughout the play there was two main themes: love makes people do crazy things and death is not always a solution to a problem. All of the characters had their issues throughout the play. It all started in act 1 scene 3 when Hamlet and Ophelia were in love. Ophelia went against her father’s wishes as he forbid her from talking to Hamlet since he was a player. Polonius said “I would not, from this time forth have you so slander any moment leisure as to talk with the Lord Hamlet” (Shakespeare, 2015, p. 253). Laertes also warned Ophelia about Hamlet. Hamlet was rude and controlling towards Ophelia one minute and loving to her the next. Hamlet freaked out Ophelia once and was rough with her, “He took me by the wrist and held me hard” (Shakespeare, 2015, p.265). Ophelia should have listened to her dad and brother when they warned her about him.…show more content…
According to Polonius, Hamlet is crazy because of his love for Ophelia. “To be or not to be” means to live or to die and Hamlet said that as he was suicidal. Hamlet did not actually commit suicide but he was breaking Ophelia’s heart and that led her to commit suicide, as well as the death of her father. Laertes said in Act 4, scene 7 “And so have I a noble father lost, a sister driven into desp’rate terms” (Shakespeare, 2015, p. 326). In Act 3 scene 4, Hamlet killed Polonius on accident because he thought it was the King approaching. Hamlet wanted revenge on the King for killing his
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