Did Sherlock: Do The Right Or Wrong Thing

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Sherlock Sherlock had to make an extremely difficult decision: he had to decide either to let a Jewel thief (Ryder) free, or put him in jail. Did Sherlock do the right or wrong thing? In my opinion, Sherlock positively did the right thing. In the first place, Ryder will always be seen as a criminal. He broke the law, so now everyone may judge him because of it. Just to know, that if you walk outside people might start judging you. Just because Ryder wasn’t thrown into jail, doesn’t mean he won’t have to face consequences later. In this case there is still a punishment for Ryder. In the second place, no one was permanently harmed. Ryder hadn’t done any major crimes such as, murder, assault, vandalism, etc. Also, everyone got back what they

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