Did Stalin Benefit The Soviet Union Essay

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Stalin’s regime was a reign of fear and terror for most, and for others smooth-sailing and peaceful. Stalin’s decisions and policies indeed made a huge impact on the Soviet Union. However, whether or not his rule is beneficial to the Soviet Union, is debtable.

Stalin’s rule does not benefit the Soviet Union.

Stalin also purged people for the slightest and most bewildering reasons. From the article, “the Georgian-born leader is mostly known for overseeing a reign of terror in which millions of people were murdered or forced to work in labor camps.” This shows that Stalin was infamous for inflicting terror on the Russians, to coerce them to comply to his policies and commands. Otherwise, they would either be killed or thrown into a labor
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From the article, “Russian industry grew rapidly under Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1953.” Over 12 years, coal production increased by 5 times, steel production increased by 6 times and oil output had doubled up. The electricity generation had quintupled. Also from the article, “No matter how badly the figures may have been rigged at the time, the first FYP was an extraordinary achievement overall. Coal, iron and electrical power supply all increased in huge proportions. The production of steel and chemicals was less impressive, while output of finished textiles actually declined.” This shows that the Soviet Union had actually benefitted economically from its production of coal, iron, steel and chemicals. This enabled the Soviet Union to be able to purchase products needed for other aspects such as defence. The ability to be able to purchase military products to defend the Soviet Union from Germany, resulted in the defeat of Germany, hence ensuring the safety of all Russians. Thus, this shows that the Soviet Union’s economy had benefitted from Stalin’s rule, which provided funds for the Soviet Union’s defence, hence keeping the Russians safe from all
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