Did Steven Vail Innocent Or Deceiving?

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Steven Avery is a well known name in the criminal courts and known for many crimes. Burning a family cat, running his cousin off the road and pointing a gun at her, beating and raping Penny Bernsteen. Although his name is quite common, and he has some faults did he really murder Teresa Halbach? I believe that Steven Avery is innocent, he did not do it. A lot of the information and evidence seems to be misleading or deceiving. Steven Avery had served eighteen out of thirty two years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The Manitowoc County sheriffs were being sued for wrongfully convicting him. The lawsuit had made it so the sheriffs had nothing to do with Teresa's case, but they still kept popping up. They didn't want to look bad, so …show more content…

Steven had many ways he could have covered up the crime. The car could have been wrecked he owned a salvage why didn't he crush the car? He could have buried the bones after burning them, buried the key far away and disposed or buried the bullets far away. Everything was found in plain sight just like the detectives would have wanted it to be, it was placed. The evidence was planted by multiple people. Someone had put the key in the house, why would they take the key out, to ensure the car was not going to get moved off the property. They placed bullets in the garage, but Teresa wasn't shot, she would have most likely been strangled to death on the bed. The blood in the car had been placed. The blood vial of Stevens was punctured and tampered with. Why would Steven have been in the car besides to move it? But he didn't move it, someone else did. Bones had been found in Barb Jandas barrel also, meaning whoever burned the body dumped the remains in Stevens pit, framing him once again. They left behind some remains making three spots of …show more content…

Steven had spent eighteen years in prison for something he didn't do. He knows how jail is and obviously wouldn't want to go back, what would be his motive for raping and murdering someone. He was about to receive a big chunk of money why jeopardize that. Where did the money go now? Both trials that occurred investigators never looked into anyone else, they automatically assumed it was Steven. In Penny’s rape case, they had another suspects name but didn't look into it. Now there are enough scientific ways to figure this

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