Did The Americans Deserve The Revolutionary War

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The colonies have been part of the British crown for 168 years now, but independence is something that America needs. The British had created high taxes with unreasonable causes since they just went to war with the French and Indians in American territory, but colonists should not comply the King’s whims no more. American colonists demand independence since freedom is limited by Britain; for this reason, colonists are thinking about how to obtain it.. The British have planted a seed of hatred in the American colonists thanks to the treatment they have given; consequently, colonists are seeking revenge with the British. Due to the fact that the British have mistreated the Americans, the majority of the American colonists may agree with Patrick Henry and are willing to risk their lives for the freedom that Americans deserve. American patriots support Patrick Henry in arming themselves and going to war to gain independence; hence, violence will take over the whole colonies and turn the place into a war zone. On the other hand, not only the colonists, but the American patriots as well should act more civilized and gain their independence through a more rational and peaceful agreement. Maybe a Revolutionary war is what will satisfy the colonists’ hearts. After several years of being…show more content…
Even though Patrick Henry and some colonists are willing to go to war to gain independence, violence will only lead to more violence. What differs men from animals is their intelligence and consciousness. Colonists should not act like wild animals by going to war with the British ; instead, an agreement should be made with the British crown first. American Patriots should give the example of a true Christian, and not solve American problems with violence. Above all, God taught his children, through Jesus, to love one another like we love ourselves, not hate each
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