Did The Civil War Bring The Us Together Essay

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Did the Civil War Bring the United States Together? What was the background or setting of the Civil War? What were the reasons why the Civil War broke out? Here’s some background on the Civil War, in the spring of 1861, the North and South were having problems with each other with the issues of states right vs federal authority, expanding the Country to the west, and slavery in the South. Slavery was kinda the lighter to the Civil War because it just exploded the wage of war. Now going back a year earlier, a anti-slavery Republican was elected into office as our President at the time, and his name was Abraham Lincoln. The South didn’t want Lincoln in office because he was against slavery, so 7 states left the Union (North) and formed the Confederate States of America (South). Then on April 12, 1861, the Civil War…show more content…
Yes and no. The aftermath of the Civil War was heartbreaking for families because the Civil War divided families and friends. “United we stand, divided we fall.” The Civil War did free the slaves in fact, but black people were still not free on some levels, for example colored schools and white schools, colored bathrooms and white bathrooms, colored people get food from the back, whites get food from the front, and colored people sit in the back of the bus, but whites can sit in the front of the bus. Now this may not be as bad as slavery was because black people could have a house and family, etc, but these issues were still a very big deal. Like today for example, there’s a movement in America called “Black Lives Matter.” Now this movement says it in it’s name, black lives matter because they are tired of blacks getting shot by white cops or just cops in general for no reason. Now back to the question, did the Civil War bring us together? In my personal opinion, yes because it made most of us realize that hey slavery is wrong and we really shouldn’t do this because if we do, we might go back into another Civil
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