Did The Mexican Revolution Really Cause The Mexican Revolution?

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The mexican revolution began in 1910. There were many reasons that supported the cause for the revolution. The main reason the Mexican revolution began was because new structures of power were forming and the mexican people were not satisfied and began resisting. The Mexican revolution is also very similar to other revolutions. The Revolution however, “remained globally anonymous” says Knight. The goal was to drive out the president because they were unhappy with the was he was ruling, which they successfully did. At this time, many new forms of power and government were forming. This caused many revolts in the first place. Most of the Mexican people didn't like the way president Francisco Madero was ruling, and tried to drive him out. He was a cruel and unfair ruler and the people didn't want to put up with it any longer. He began a dictatorship and the people didn't like this at all so the revolution began to drive…show more content…
The dictatorship he began started to cause many problems in the society. The people were very angered that they had no say in anything or how the government was run at all. Power was only given to very few people, anyone without power did not dictate how anything in government ran. This caused the Mexican people to revolt against the government and dictatorship of president Diaz, and cause a revolution. The Mexican revolution is similar in many ways to the Cuban Revolution. The cuban revolution, however, was a much larger more world wide known revolution. Both revolutions were fought in mexico, but in the Revolution many more people died or were injured (Kenny). Also, a lot more of mexico was destroyed because of the fighting. A similarity between the Mexican and Cuban revolution was that they were both caused because of government issues. The new structures of government caused problems and led both countries to
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