Did The Nuremberg Trials Bring Justice To The Victims Of The Holocaust?

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Some believe that the Nuremberg Trials brought justice to the victims of the war. The trials did acknowledge the Holocaust, but they were never able to bring righteousness to the victims (Rubenstein). The Boston Globe said in 2015, "It is true that the International Military Tribunal, the first and most widely remembered trial at Nuremberg, focused on the crime of aggression and was not specifically intended to cover the mass murder of the Jews, what we have come to call the Holocaust" (Rubenstein). The main point of the first trial was to bring justness to the Holocaust victims and survivors. The trial acknowledged the events of the Holocaust and condemned 14 defendants to death (Keleher 1139). Despite all of this, justice will never…show more content…
Nikitchenko was one of the Soviet Union 's judges. He had presided over several infamous show trials used by Joseph Stalin to convict his so-called enemies during the Great Purge of 1936 to 1937 (Davenport 59). During these show trials, Stalin would send innocent people to work camps or have them killed (Davenport 59). This does not reflect very well on Nikitchenko 's role and mission in the Nuremberg trials. Nikitchenko 's action to oversee such crimes was very wrong. Now, in 1945 he was serving as a judge to condemn German Nazis for their wrongdoings even though he had witnessed and approved of the killing and torture of innocent citizens. This just contradicts the Nuremberg trial 's mission. The Nuremberg trials were meant to punish Germans and all those who had committed reprehensible acts during the war, but the Allies were not convicted for their crimes (Davenport 141). Because those charges against the Nazis were made following the crimes, it is suspicious that none of the crimes committed by the Allied powers were brought forward. Both sides bombed massive amounts of innocent civilians. A famous instance is when the Allied
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