The Sans Culottes And The French Revolution

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Did the Sans Culottes change the course of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was one of the biggest occurrences in France. The French Revolution was a very hectic time in France. There are many reasons why. The Sans Culottes were the greatest reason why because they changed the course of the revolution. The mountain might receive more credit, but the Sans Culottes did significantly change the course of the French Revolution. One of the things I will be talking about is how much the Sans Culottes influenced great figures during the French Revolution. This is a major factor since figures played a great role during this revolution. Another topic I will be talking about is how the Sans Culottes played a ‘helping role’ in the lives of
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One body was the insurrectionary commune, who had a chance to take control of the Sans Culottes. Since the Sans Culottes were so aimed to reach their goal, the insurrectionary commune, without any objection, “launched a force of sanculottes and fédérés against the royal palace.” This made the Sans Culottes smile and the king not being able to “save his throne” . The insurrectionary commune were wise enough to apprehend that they had to use something, which was rising to power, gaining a lot of influence, and were having a strong will to achieve their target. The Jacobins also used the Sans Culottes to do their work for them. While the insurrectionary commune used them for brutality, the Jacobins “used the sans-culottes to control the streets of Paris and other cities and to intimidate moderate members of the Assembly.” The Jacobins knew that the Sans Culottes crave for having everything under their form of control. That is why they let them do their job, which they were not too motivated to do. Likewise they knew that the Sans Culottes had quite some power. Some might say that, that type of behaviour was typical during the French Revolution: they even used them for the taxes. The Sans Culottes were part of the lower estates, which was the majority of the population. But they have been using them for a good reason. The lower estates and the Sans Culottes had a great impact during the french revolution - and not just that. Those figures and groups knew how to use them in order to achieve their goals and a tiny bit of
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