Did Thomas Paine's Common Sense Promote The Movement For Independence

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To what extent did Thomas Paine’s Common Sense promote the movement for independence in the USA from 1776 to 1783? The pamphlet, Common Sense influenced and encouraged Americans to fight for independence from Britain. Paine wrote in simple English so the masses could understand. The pamphlet served as a big push towards independence because it gave reasons why America should split from British rule, such as taxes, the unfair monarchy and that independence is inevitable but when is the question. He provided alternative solutions to governing, a republican government and a constitution. However, some may argue that although it was a major influence it didn’t influence everyone’s minds, the loyalists. Thomas Paine was an American patriot that understood that independence was inevitable but the ultimate question was when (source 1). Paine was a person who fought for the average person against unfair monarchy systems (source 4). He always had the people in mind. At the time of the revolution, the main way to get across viewpoints was the medium of pamphlets (source 4). Paine wrote Common Sense, which influenced the views of many colonialists (source 7). The pamphlet was written for the average person to understand the impact Britain was having on them and made them want to fight for independence (source 7). Paine was clever in using anger in his pamphlet, which was the natural emotion of the mob of America to get them to rally up and fight (source 3). “Why is it that we
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