Didactic Values In A Monster Call

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The Didactic Values from ‘A Monster Calls’
In ‘A Monster Call’, a fantasy film directed by J.A. Bayona, I can say that there are a lot of didactic values contained in this film. Interestingly, this film explained its lesson in many ways and it made me think that every part of this film are valuable.
One of the didactic value that I can see is by understanding Conor character in this film. Conor O’ Malley describes as a boy who is very brave to face so many problems in his life; his mother is ill, his father is far away from him, his grandmother is very strict, and also his friends who are always bullying him. Despite all of that, he is really strong because he can survive his tough life.
In my life, I often heard some stories about teenagers who are spend their bad time by doing some negative activities to release their stress. But it is different with Conor character in this film. Although there are so many problems in his life, he is very brave to face it. It teaches me to survive my life no matter what happens.
Another didactic value that I can learn
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I think the parson in the second story is too egoist and just care about himself. He persuades everyone not to believe the apothecary and tries to strike down the apothecary. This story teaches me to respect each other because as a human being, I will need someone’s help in my life. Life can change, when I don’t need someone’s help for today, it does not mean I do not need it for the rest of my life. So when I think someone is unimportant for me today, in the future, maybe they will determine my fate. As in the second story when the parson needs the apothecary to heal his sick
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