Dido's Fate Analysis

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The Cause of Dido’s Tragic Fate

Dido and Aeneas’s relationship is a complicated matter. Dido falling in love with Aeneas is just another obstacle that Aeneas must overcome and push through. He is fated to leave Carthage and Dido, and go find Troy. Dido’s tragic fate is not all Aeneas’s fault. Really The gods and Herself play a big role in it. In the beginning Dido is too scared to jump into this relationship. Dido’s old husband was killed by her brother and she really likes Aeneas so she does not want the same to happen to him. She is scared to love again. Dido says that what happened in her past has, “swayed my wavering heart” (4.128.31). Dido’s sister gives Dido the advice, “why resist it now, this love that stirs your heart” (4.128.49).
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Although She is upset because of him, He had no intention of making her mad. Aeneas liked Dido but he believes he must follow his fate. He is just doing what he is told to do. When Aeneas sees Dido in the underworld he tells her, “I swear by the stars, by the powers on high, whatever faith one swears by here in the depths of the earth, I left your shores, my queen, against my will” (6.197.533-535). Aeneas didn’t think that leaving would cause Dido so much suffering. He even tells her, “nor did I ever dream my leaving could have brought you so much grief”…show more content…
There was a thunder storm and Dido and Aeneas go to a cave for shelter. “She no longer thinks to keep the affair a secret, no, she calls it a marriage” (4.133.216-217). Dido thinks that Aeneas and her fornication now means they are married and now have a strong love bond. Dido was foolish and thought what was happening was way more than it truly was. Aeneas also did not understand this situation the way Dido did so she is the real culprit. Dido put everything on the line just for Aeneas. She was in too deep, this was her own fault. Because Dido falls in love, All of Carthage stops. “Towers of Carthage, half built, rise no more, the young men quit their combat drills in arms” (4.130.107-108). She risked Cartage’s fate all for Aeneas. She was so deluded about the situation thinking Aeneas and her were more than they really
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