Summary Of Die Verwandlung By Franz Kafka

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The novel Die Verwandlung was wrote by Franz Kafka in 1912 and was first published in 1915 in Leipzig in Kurt Wolff Verlag. The novel was written during the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire which existed between 1867 and 1918. It was one of the largest countries in Europe after the Russian Empire. It was a time of social and political unrest, a sense of insecurity, loneliness, isolation, and alienation existed along with an economic crisis which can be identified throughout the novel. The protagonist of the novel is Gregor Samsa, a travelling textile salesman who wakes up one morning to find himself utterly transformed into a monstrous insect, resembling that of a beetle. As the storyline unfolds, Gregor feels his family’s elusive feelings…show more content…
Even though he hated his job with a passion, he still continued to work there because he felt obliged to stay there in order to provide for his family. Gregor is a slave to society and his job, leading a slight oppressed life. However, this oppressed state has risen to power only because of him. Gregor has the potential to break free from his insufferable job but in doing so he will have to break the commitment he has with his family. He wants to stand up against his detestable boss but instead forgets this notion saying he will do so in 5 or 6 years when his parent’s debt is paid off following on to say that his train leaves at five and he will be late for work. ,,Nun, die Hoffung ist noch nich gänzlich aufgegeben; habe ich einmal das Geld beisammen, um die Schuld der Eltern an ihn abzuzahlen – es dürfte noch fünf bis sechs Jahre daueren -, mache ich die Sache unbedingt. […] Vorläufig allerdings muß ich aufstehen, denn mein Zug fährt um fünf.‘‘ He is forging his own oppression and freedom yet again and continues to suffer. With his desire to fulfil family duties, he forgets about his own. Gregor still at this point fails to comprehend the full extent of his transformation showing no change in his psychological
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