Diego Almagro 11: A Spanish Conqueror

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I, Diego Almagro 11 was a Spanish conqueror from Peru. I was born in 1485 from Almagro, Ciudad ReaI set out with my dad Diego Almagro and his partner Francisco Pizarro. We set out to Peru in 1514 to take over the Incan Empire. Francisco and Diego, my dad, led the expedition with many other crew members. We packed the necessities we needed for our trip, not knowing how long we would be gone. We packed food, drinks, clothing, and any other important things that would be mandatory to need on a long expedition like this. We started to set sail soon, and all seemed okay. We started to sail off north to the Incan Empire. There was about 180 soldier crew members on the ship. While we went North, Pizarro went ahead towards the West. Pizarro captured
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