Diego Rivera's Murals In The Film 'Man At The Crossroads'

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Diego Rivera is often depicted in films as a jolly, plump man, but that is far from the truth. Rivera was a master of his own art because he experienced life that most people would write stories about. His ideologies were ones that could cause someone to fall in love with him or be disgusted, but he was a man of many different truths. Often when I think of Diego Rivera, I remember in the 11th grade how my AP US History teacher told a snippet of how one of Diego Rivera's Murals were literally whitewashed over because it gave reference to communism, and the US had created Communism to be bitter for many people. Because of that I began to read about Communism and began to questions its importance, validity, and whether it was good or bad.…show more content…
Because of wars, financial crisis, terrorism and race issues, Rivera's Mural has something that makes many of us hopeful that one day we all will be united and be able to grow as a community. Rivera's ideologies give significance to breakthroughs of technology and opinions, but it shows how this can be better if we come together. The Mural of "Man at the Crossroads" should not be of one at a crossroad but rather a path of unity where one does not have to choose two great paths. Rivera's message was seen as means to question the validity of science or religion, capitalism or communism, or utopia or dystopia as a means to make people think what was really right, and the answer was anyone of them if you had a strong case to back it up (Anreus 210-211). In conclusion, "Man at the Crossroads" by Diego Rivera is quite a piece that shows that Man can have both if they decide to unite. For this reason, Rivera was a master of his own style because he gave thoughts for people to think through subtle messages in his murals. Which is why many people, like myself, will always be thankful to those who were willing to put their name on the line for people to think whether something was wrong or
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