Diencephalon Function In The Brain

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The diencephalon, alongside the cerebrum make up the two major divisions of the forebrain. The main structures of the diencephalon include the hypothalamus, thalamus, epithalamus (including the pineal gland), and also the subthalamus. Moreover, located within the diencephalon is found the third ventricle, which is one of the four brain ventricles or cavities filled with cerebrospinal fluid. The function of the diencephalon is to relay sensory information between brain regions and control many autonomic functions of the peripheral nervous system. Furthermore, it connects structures of the endocrine system with the nervous system and works in together with limbic system structures so as to generate and manage emotions and memories. Location The diencephalon is located between the cerebral hemispheres, superior to the midbrain. Function…show more content…
The structures of the diencephalon comprise of:  Thalamus, which assists in sensory perception, regulation of motor functions as well as control of sleep and wake cycles.  Hypothalamus, which is the control centre for many autonomic functions during the release of hormones.  Epithalumus (the posterior area of the diencephalon that consist of the pineal gland), which helps in sense of smell and also helps to regulate sleep-wake cycles.  Subthalamus, which assists in motor
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