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The Battle of Dieppe, or Operation Jubilee, was a calculated collaborative allied infantry and naval attack in an attempt to take the port of Dieppe and the surrounding beaches. Before David O’Keefe’s scholarly contribution to the events surrounding Dieppe, it was largely understood that Dieppe was a trial run for amphibious attacks against the German front in France. It was seen as a huge disaster as sixty-eight percent of allied soldiers that engaged the Germans were either killed or wounded. There is a multitude of reasons as to why the number of casualties were so high. The most apparent of which being that the port, and surrounding beaches, were heavily guarded with artillery, machine guns, barbed wire, and German soldiers. Making the…show more content…
Within these document O’Keefe found that the main objective of Dieppe was to secure a German four rotary wheel Enigma code machine and code books. This information was integral to the Allied war effort, due to the change in technology, the British Naval Intelligence were unable to decrypt German code, rendering them blind to the movement of U boats and naval positioning. This inability to decipher the codes caused casualties to go up and jeopardize most missions in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific. O’Keefe uncovered that a special naval commando team, the 30th Assault also known as the 40th Royal Marine Commando led by H.O. Huntington-Whiteley, was to enact a Pinch raid under the guise of the larger Dieppe raid, in order to obtain the Enigma machine and code books. The purpose of the larger raid was to conceal the taking of the codes, ensuring that the Germans didn’t change their code book, blocking the Allies once more. Unfortunately, the Pinch raid never occurred as the ship carrying the 40th RM Commando team, the HMS Locust, could not take the port and deliver the commando team to their objective. There was even an attempt for the team to use a landing boat in order to gain access to their objective, but due to the German defence this attempt also

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