Dier El-Bahari Abstract

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-Deir el-bahari is a complex of mortuary temples and tombs located on the west bank of the Nile opposite to the city of luxor.
-the main goddess of dier el bahari was {wrt mhyt} or the great flood, and it is considered to be one of the forms of goddess Hathor.
-she was represented as a cow with a speckled body with trio foils and quatro foils

-The name of dier el-bahari means "the northern monastery" .as there was a monastery built there during the Coptic period.

-The first monument built at the site was the mortuary temple of king "Mentuhotep II" of the 11th dynasty ,but during the 18th dynasty Amenhotep I and Hatshepsut built also extensively at the site. the most important monuments on this site are:

1-The mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II [nepheptre]:
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The scene here used as a model from Kom Ombo.

5** God Amun standing on a basis, right of it restoration remark from the time of Ramesses II, and far right the bow (shaped in form of an open Papyrus) of the Papyrus-boat. The background shows Papyrus plants. A Nile goose (smn), a symbol of Amun, is depicted standing at the bow.

6** On the stern which is also shaped as an open Papyrus umbel two figures are depicted which can not be identified anymore. One figure is standing at the far of the boat; the other is shown in front of it grasping Papyrus. The figure at the end of the boat most likely carried an offering-tablet from which an open papyrus umbel and a wAs-sign are shown hinging down.
7** This scene shows a cat-like predator most likely an Egyptian Mongoose = hunting in the Papyrus jungle. Below the predator a dragonfly rests on a Papyrus stem.

8** this scene shows a birds are hatching on Papyrus umbels, in the center of the picture a bird's nest, right above young

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