Dier El-Bahari History

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1. Who built the temple of Dier El-Bahari?
Senenmut was an architect of the an 18th dynasty. He also was a government official. His name means "mother 's brother."
2. What is the Dier El-Bahari made from?
The Dier El-Bahari was carved out of the rock on the cliff it 's against. The walls are limestone
3. Where is the Dier El-Bahari located?
It is located at Qesm Al Wahat Al Khargah, New Valley Governorate, and Egypt
4. When was the Dier El-Bahari built?
The Dier El-Bahari was built around the 15th century BC.
5.why was the Dier El-Bahari built
The Dier El-Bahari was used for a temple to worship the god Amun, but it was also used as the funeral temple for Hatshepsut.

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