Dierdre Sullivan Always Go To The Funeral Analysis

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In Dierdre Sullivan’s powerful essay, ‘Always Go to the Funeral’ she discusses the the importance of going to funerals. Sullivan remarks in her essay that funeral attendance hold an important philosophy, which is do the right thing even if it’s an inconveniance for you. Sullivan explains that these small gestures, like attending a funeral, could have little meaning for us, but could carry a significant importance for someone else. This meaningful message is one we could all relate to, always go to the funeral.

Unsolicited or not, fathers give advice. Dierdre Sullivan discusses the truthful advice her father gave and that she's lived by ever since. Funerals may be the last place we want to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but regardless of its inconvenience we should attend. This powerful message given by Sullivan’s father illustrates the importance of small gestures, not for yourself, but for the good of those around you. Sullivan, 16 at the time her father delivered this powerful message to her, was the least bit thrilled. Sullivan was on her way to fifth-grade math teachers funeral when her dad decided it was best for her to experience the funeral alone. Although it made Sullivan feel nothing but awkward, she put her best foot forward and showed up. Sullivan recounts her unpleasant experience offering the Emerson family her
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This advice not only serves for funerals, specifically, but for various encounters in life. Sullivan’s father’s advice is can be applied to all kinds of situations. Let’s say a friend needs to go to the doctor to get her stitches removed but doesn’t want to go alone. That same friend calls you up asking for support but you’re reluctant because the sight of blood makes you nauseous, but you decide to go to support your friend. The small gesture of helping out a friend doesn’t mean much to you, but could mean the world to
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