Diesel Technician Interview Report

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1) For the Career Story Interview, I interviewed a Diesel Technician. On O*NET, the interests associated with this career is Realistic and Conventional (“Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists”, 2017). This occupation has a Realistic interest because this inventory is associated with practical, hands-on work. These occupations work with a lot of materials and machines to build and repair. Realistic people often work outside with not a lot of paperwork that deals with what they do. A Diesel Technician is Realistic because they repair on trucks and engines. Also, there is not a lot of paperwork that they must do, they just show up and work on the assignment they have been given. They also have a Conventional interest because they tend to work with set routines and schedules. Conventional workers also have a clear line of authority to follow (“Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists”, 2017). Diesel Technicians have schedules and routines that they follow with finishing their jobs. When they show up to work, they are given their daily schedule and must use the regular routines to repair the parts of the trucks that need fixed (“Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine…show more content…
I share this interest because the occupation, like me, enjoys working hands-on with work and projects. Also, we enjoy and do our best work when we work with machines and materials. My Basic Interest Scales show that I could enjoy working in this field. Three of my scales are Mechanics & Construction, Military, and Computer Hardware & Electronics. These occupations are hands-on and practical, which is an interest in my theme code and the interest given to the Diesel Technician career. A lot of the work with Diesel Technicians give the chance to work with your hands, which is a lot of which was given to me with the Basic Interest Scales (Prince,
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