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I will be executing a research task on the effect of diet quality on academic performances of school learners. The hypothesis for this research is that diet is directly proportional to academic performance, meaning that a healthy diet will increase the ability of achieving better academic results. I particularly chose to base this research on diet and academics due to the problem that many schools around South Africa are facing. The failing rate of learners is extremely high and there are many factors that contribute to this outcome. The average failing rate of matric learners in South Africa for 2014 is 22.8% which is very high and 78.2% pass rate (Nic, 2014). Factors such as abuse of social media, drugs and alcohol, entertainment and many…show more content…
Approximately, 6 million Latino children are living in poverty and there is a good chance that the teachers are referring to their Latino students. Studies have shown a negative impact on a child’s academic performance as it affects their ability to focus, slows down their ability to think fast at school and slow down the motivation. A good breakfast is the one consisting of necessary nutrition that helps the students to have the ability to memorise and analyse their work better in the…show more content…
Article 3: Diet quality and academic performance By: Michelle Florence, Paul Veugelers and Mark Asbridge According to the authors, few studies have conducted research on the effect of diet quality and academic performance of school learners. The study that they did determined the relationship between the overall diet quality and academics. In Canada (Nova Scotia), 5200 learners in grade five were surveyed together with their parents in 2003. Various methods were used to examine the link between diet and academics, while taking into consideration gender and socio-economic characteristics of parents. According to the authors, the results showed that students with lower diet quality were the most likely ones to perform poorly on their school assessments. According to the authors, the results displayed that there is a relationship between diet quality and academic performance. This article is reliable as the authors work in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology. Michelle is a graduate student, Mark is an associate professor and Paul is a

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