Diet Coke And Mentos Essay

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When combining Diet Coke and Mentos, one would get a physical reaction. But what causes this reaction? The way this reaction works is, when Diet Coke’s carbonation bubbles get into the pores of the mentos, enough carbon dioxide is made which causes the many explosion that happens when they are combined ( “Mental Floss” ). The texture also plays a key role in this reaction between Mentos and the Diet Coke. The rougher the Mentos are the more pores they have. That allows for more carbon to get into the Mentos and create more carbon dioxide
( “Mental Floss”). The thing happens when Diet Coke and Mentos react is, in the bottle of soda there is a bunch of pressurized air inside. When shake the bottle of soda with the lid on and then opened
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The reason for this is, the warmer the bottle the better because the gas particles are less likely to dissolve into the soda. The colder the bottle the more likely it is for the gas particles to dissolve into the soda. Another reason of why it is good for your Diet Coke to be warm is because of how fast the gas particles would move. The colder your Diet Coke is the slower your gas particles will move causing your reaction to be smaller than it would be if the Diet Coke was warm (“ American Science”).
A method one could do to make this experiment easier would be to set the liter of Diet Coke on a flat surface. After that, take a piece of regular paper and roll into a small circular tube that is large enough to fit seven Mentos. Lastly take you rolled up mentos and drop them into your Diet Coke ( “Steve Spangler Science” )
Something else that would make a good reaction would be adding baking soda to Diet Coke instead of mentos. “There are several different reasons of why this reaction occurs. One reason could be, when Diet Coke and baking soda are put together, Diet coke acts as an acid and baking soda acts as a base. The phosphoric acid in Diet Coke gives off a proton to the baking soda. This causes the baking soda and Diet Coke to produce carbon dioxide” ( “UCSB Science Line”

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