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Don’t be fooled. There is no universal miracle diet, but there are some guidelines that if you follow, you will lose weight fast and be slim.
The way to lose weight fast is based on food choices, proportions and realistic aims.
What’s a healthy diet?
As there are now endless variety of diets it’s difficult to know exactly what is healthful and what isn’t.
To understand, let’s examine the basics regardless of the type of diet you follow.
Carbohydrate: 50-60%,
Protein: 10-20%
Fats Up to 30%.
This mix is accepted widely apart form “the far out diet community”, that go on about no fat or no carbohydrate and the way to lose weight.
In fact this is not a way to lose weight fast; it’s a way to get ill.
Think about it: If fat and carbohydrate were
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So what is portion control? Well think about it like this. You are eating in dinner you have meat vegetables and carbohydrate to consider.
Look at the palm of your hand and that’s the size of a baked potato you can have or as much chicken
By eating regularly you will suppress hunger and if you use the palm method of portion control you will be getting the right amount to eat
4. Variety.
All healthful diets have a minimum of 40 to 100 different food-types weekly.
Obviously the reason for this is by including a wide-variety of foods increases your chances of obtaining the required amounts of essential nutrients.
Foods are vitamin and mineral composition is food-specific and you need variety to get all the nutrients.
A good variety also keeps you from becoming bored and disinterested in lose weight fast diet and quitting before you have achieved your aim
Vegetables and Fruits
This means eating fruits and vegetables at least 5 times a day.
This can include frozen, canned, dried and pure juices as well as fresh. Also included in this group are beans, including baked beans, pulses and

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