Healthy Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet Essay

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Help lose weight, prevent some diseases and control diabetes.

The average life expectancy of Mediterranean countries is longer than that of other countries, and their prevalence in the diet places them below the prevalence of most Americans

Exercise in the diet has played a supporting role. To maintain a healthy body, healthy diet is not enough to achieve the perfect effect you want. We also need to do some exercise like walking, do not have to be strenuous.

Have a glass of red wine with dinner.

#1. Do you think that your diet is one that most people should follow? Is there a particular group of people that would benefit from this diet?#1。 你认为你的饮食是大多数人应该遵循的饮食吗? 是否有一群人会从这种饮食中受益?
Yes, I think my diet is one that most people should follow because there are a lot of people especially teenagers like to eat fast food nowadays, so more people are obese, which leads to some diseases like diabetes, and sometimes it affects the heart and body systems. Addition, more people are beginning to care about their body size and health because of the media. The people who are overweight, having diabetes or want to become
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It will help the body to enhance immunity and reduce weight in a healthy way. Mediterranean diets also encourage people to drink a bit of wine every day. In conclusion, Mediterranean diets have many advantages and benefit the people who choose to follow this diet. My diet is extremely unhealthy in sometimes because I like to eat snacks as a meal with high in sugar and fat like chocolate, cookies, and chips. My diets are variable, sometimes my diets are full of nutrient and sometimes I don’t eat dinner. I am very picky about food, I will eat a lot if it’s my favorite food, but I won’t eat the food that I don’t like. It’s a bit hard to balance the nutrients inside my

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