Dietary Pattern Analysis Essay

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Diet quality has been referred as an umbrella term used to describe the individual’s diet adherence to certain dietary recommendations. Healthy diet supplies optimal levels of foods and nutrient needed for the body to maintain healthy state of body. Therefore, high quality diet is supposed to be safe, hygienic, support growth and prevent diseases. Although the term diet quality has been used widely, it is a poorly defined term (Alkerwi, 2014). In the past, diseases were associated with only one or two –specific nutrients. However, diets have a complex nature because of the interactions and synergies between foods and nutrients consumed. Hence, it is more appropriate to investigate overall diet quality than focusing on single nutrients(Kant, 1996).The study of overall dietary pattern analysis is closer to the reality of food consumption and its effect on the human body. This arguments increased the attention towards dietary pattern assessment and subsequent effect of diet on health of people ( Waijers, Feskens, & Ocke, 2007). This study uses the dietary intake data from the Lifelines cohort, which is cohort study with the subjects of the Northern provinces of the Netherlands covering three generations. Diet, as a part of lifestyle is one of the environmental risk factors that have significant factors to increase or decrease the risk of
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This study include adult participants from the Lifelines cohort of age group from 18 year to 65+ years old . The study includes both male and female participants. The participants with missing information on variables: food items used for allocating DASH score, energy intake, alcohol and co-variables: age, sex, length, weight, smoking, education, smoking and alcohol intake, are excluded from the

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